Study 01


A dry lake located hundreds of kilometres from the nearest town, a place where the laws of an exacerbated and all-powerful nature reign: extreme temperatures, corrosive dust, muddy deluge, violent winds depict the daily life of Black Rock, a public space managed by the US authorities. Every year, from this infinite emptiness, arid and rough, from this natural space where one’s eyes would manage to perceive the curvature of our planet, emerges a City and its ephemeral community, an interzone where an ambitious Cultural experience is built: the Burning Man is one of those so-called transformational festivals, which brings together several thousand people for a few days. This event invites its participants to an intense experience of self-transformation, confronting the individual with multiple realities and imaginaries, relying on the evocative power of contemporary art. Black Rock City has its own codes based on the values ​​of autonomy, free expression and active participation of its members. The striking contrast between countless ephemeral artistic installations and the emptiness of the desert calls for a real reflection on our perception of reality and the subjective part of it.

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