Study 08


9822kms, 6 time zones, 3 massive countries (Russia, Mongolia, China): these are some features of a train odyssey I have carried out from Saint Petersburg to Shanghai onboard the mythical Transsiberian and Transmongolian. Halfway between the documentary and a fiction tinged with surrealism, this study attempts to portray an exploratory and wandering experiment through the infinite Siberian Taiga, the arid steppe of Gobi, the industrial wasteland of Russia or the urban mega development of China. This journey is an obsessive and poetic search of new territories, linked to the desire to “find the magic land at the end of the road” (Jack Kerouac, author). The train as a mean of transportation offers the wandering traveller the combined experience of contraction and dilation of time, questioning his relationship to past, present and future of what he observes. Hence, this journey can be interpreted as an intense journey through space and time, where the wanderer is at this “precise place at a given moment”, “where the infinity of space intersects the infinity of time” (Grégoire Lacroix, author).

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