Study 10


West of Kuala Lumpur is a small jungle covered hill known as Bukit Kiara (or Mont Kiara). In just 30 years, this land has transformed into a much sought after concrete jungle with mid to high priced condominiums and a myriad of amenities to meet the needs of its upscale population. While Mont Kiara remains paradoxically dubbed as one of the “green lungs” of Kuala Lumpur, this small area of land, constantly under pressure from real estate developers, is struggling to find its identity. This study questions the frail equilibrium that may exist between environmental preservation and urban development. It is a convocation of two visions of nature, which calls to imagine a third way. The lush and colourful flora depicted on Peranakan ceramic tiles used in the 1900s in many Malaysian and Singaporean cities is reminiscent of a nostalgic and idealistic idea of nature, while today's photos of Mont Kiara confront us with the urgency and challenges we currently have to face.

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